A Park Grows in Brooklyn

Is this the future site of Kosciuszko Bridge Park?

Late in June 2017 my husband and I joined a small group of curious folks in Greenpoint on an early morning walk with The New York City Department of Transportation and North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (then Open Space Alliance) to get a first hand peek at the newly available space under the Kosciuszko Bridge.

To my surprise, IT WAS HUGE and full of potential! The newly erected Kosciuszko Bridge towers over 4 acres of possible parkland. Creating a very airy – abet shady futurist space full of potential below.

Since that time it seems that it seems North Brooklyn Parks Alliance has been successful in securing several rounds of funding and this park along an industrial stretch of Newtown Creek may just happen. Especially, with the news that its sister park in Sunnyside, Queens expected to open its park in spring 2022!

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